Biography of Kathleen Mayne

Kathleen Mayne

Kathleen Mayne is a national award-winning composer whose works have been performed from The White House to Australia. Her music is frequently played in master classes, high school and college recitals, and by flute choirs throughout the world. Her newest flute choir work, Flute Cocktail, was named and written for the ensemble sharing the same name from Columbia, Maryland and premiered at the Mid-Atlantic Flute Convention in 2019.
In 2015 she received a commission from Darrin Thaves and the Pacific Flute Ensemble of California State University at Long Beach and composed Four Scottish Airs For Four Scots.  It was premiered at the NFA Convention in San Diego the summer of 2016. 

In 2013 she was commissioned by the West Michigan Flute Association to compose a score for flute quartet with flute choir in the concerto grosso style. Her major work, Royal Concerto for Flute Quartet and Flute Orchestra, received its National Flute Association premiere at the Chicago convention of 2014.

What is a Flute Choir?, a descriptively fun piece for flute choir and vocal choir, and Sleigh Ride! were premiered in 2014 by the Jewel City Flute Choir of Glendale, California, directed by Francine Pancost. The Balcony, for flute choir, received its 2005 international premiere at the First National Flute Choir Day in Birmingham, England, under the baton of Carol Kniebusch Noe. It continues to be a best seller and was released in 2014 on the CD, Butterfly, from the Woodbridge Flute Choir in Virginia directed by Debbie Gilbert. This vibrant ensemble performed The Balcony at the 2015 NFA convention in Washington D.C.

Mayne’s Christmas Overture received its worldwide television premiere with flutist, Gregory Jefferson; Toby Caplan premiered her Roundabout Rag with jazz ensemble at the National Flute Association Convention in Los Angeles; James Madison University’s, Carol Kniebusch Noe premiered her award-winning flute choir works Seascape and Suite No. 2 in Virginia.

Straying a little from flute composing, Ms. Mayne was commissioned to compose a piano concerto for the Ukiah Symphony Orchestra in Northern California. Concertino for Piano and Orchestra was premiered in 2009 with pianist, Elizabeth MacDougall, and Les Pfutzenreuter conducting.

Kathleen Mayne at the Piano

A pianist and organist, Kathleen graduated from the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific. She later studied conducting and composition with Academy Award-winning film composer, Ernest Gold, (Exodus, It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World) who said of Kathleen, “She may be the most gifted young musician whom I have encountered in my years in the entertainment field.”

In addition to composing for the concert hall, Kathleen helped form the acclaimed Monstrous Movie Music CD label, which recorded classic sci-fi film scores of the past. She is an orchestral reconstructionist: one that uses archival musical sketches and listens to the original soundtracks of those movies to create new, fully orchestrated scores, sounding as close to the original orchestrations as possible. Using those new scores, the music can be performed and recorded by symphony orchestras. Music to some of the most iconic classic 50’s monster movies are now available for rent to orchestras across the country. One such performance was by the Hollywood Bowl’s L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra performing her restored orchestration to The Creature From the Black Lagoon as the film was shown on wide screen. Great music and great fun was had by all!



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