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"We have always enjoyed the flute choir music of Kathleen Mayne!
They are gorgeous pieces that are accessible for players of wide experience levels.
Sure audience pleasers!”

Darrin Thaves, Director – Pacific Flute Ensemble (Long Beach, CA)







The following are flute choir works listed in order of most simple performance
level and smaller voicings to the more difficult performance level and larger voicings. 
Also included are the approximate timing lengths of each piece.

Ceremonial Suite   6:20 minutesFlute Choir
I: Stately
II: Minuetto and Trio
III: Rondo
4 C Flutes/1 Bass Flute (Optional Alto Flute, C Flute, and B-flat Clarinet)

Roundabout Rag   2:30 minutes
Flute I: C Flute & Piccolo
Flutes II, III, IV: C Flutes
Bass Flute (Optional B-flat Clarinet)
Optional Piano/String Bass/Drums

Sonata da chiesa, A. Corelli, arr. K. Mayne  6:00 minutes
I: Grave
II: Allegro
III: Adagio
IV: Allegro
4 C Flutes/Alto Flute/Bass Flute

Christmas Overture   6:00 minutes
4 C Flutes/Alto Flute/Bass Flute (Optional String Bass)

Variations on a Pastoral Theme   6:00 minutes
Theme and five variations
Flute I: C Flute & Piccolo
Flutes II, III, IV: C Flutes
Alto Flute (Optional C)
Bass Flute

Sleigh Ride! (No, not that one)   1:15 minutes
Piccolo/4 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes/1 Bass Flute /1 Contrabass Flute

What is a Flute Choir?   5:00 minutes
Flute Choir with Vocal Choir or solo singer or dramatic speaker
Piccolo/4 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes/1 Bass Flute/1 Contrabass Flute
SATB Choral Score with rehearsal piano part.

Four Scottish Airs For Four Scots  9:20 minutes
I:  The Huntress
II:  A Gentle Soul
III:  Let's Play Ball
IV:  The Feisty One
C Flute I (also plays Piccolo on movement IV)
3 C Flutes II*, III*, & IV/1 Alto Flute/1 Bass Flute* (*need at least two players.)

A Journey of Hope and Healing   5:20 minutes
Med. Advanced Solo Flute (C & G Alto)/4 C Flutes/1 Alto Flute/1 Bass Flute /1 Contrabass Flute (Two if possible)

Suite No. 2   10:00 minutes
I: Expressively
II: Calmly
III: Vigorously
IV: Flowingly
6 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes (Optional C’s)/2 Bass Flutes

The Balcony   14:00 minutes
Leaf Critter
Praying Mantis
Miss Lady Bug
Tree Frog
Mr. & Mrs. Mourning Dove
1 C Flute & Piccolo/4 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes (Optional C’s)/2 Bass Flutes

Sonata Jubilate   10:00 minutes
I: Allegro con spirito
II: Larghetto con espressivo
III: With a bounce
1 Piccolo/5 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes (Optional C’s)/2 Bass Flutes

Seascape   10:00 minutes
Sand Castles
Creatures of the Deep
Gulls’ Flight
2 Piccolos/6 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes (Optional C’s)/2 Bass Flutes

Royal Concerto for Flute Quartet and Flute Orchestra   14:00 minutes
I: The King and Court Jester   6:54 minutes
II: In Her Majesty’s Garden   3:09 minutes
III: The King’s Proclamation   4:02 minutes
The three movements are sold separately in addition to being sold in the Royal Concerto set.

Flute Quartet: 2 C Flutes, Alto & Bass Flute
Flute Orchestra: 1 Piccolo/4 C Flutes/2 Alto Flutes
1 Bass Flute part (best to have at least two players)
1 Contrabass Flute part (ideally at least two players)


Ms. Mayne credits her college composition teacher, Ronald Caviani, with introducing her to a world of more unusual tonalities filled with dissonance and complex harmonies, and who encouraged her to write using less traditional rhythms and form structures.  His influence can be heard in the following works for flute choir:  Suite No. 2, The Balcony, and Seascape.


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