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Flute and Piano

Kathleen Mayne’s works for flute and piano are popular among flute teachers and their students.  The composer accompanied flutists for many years at the onset of her publishing company.  She has always enjoyed the versatility and expressive tone of this instrument.

Recently she has been requested to write for Flute Quartet, thus two new works for that ensemble are listed below with the instrumentation given for clarification.  All other pieces listed are for Flute and Piano only.

The following music is listed in order of most simple performance level to the more difficult level.  Also included are the approximate timing lengths of each piece.

Sonata da chiesa in E Minor by A. Corelli, arr. Mayne (for two flutes & piano)   6:00 minutes
(in four movements)

Bridal March by R. Wagner, arr. Mayne   1:00 minute

Roundabout Rag   2:30 minutes

Valse D’Amour   2:30 minutes

In Her Majesty's Garden for Flute Quartet and Piano   3:09 minutes
2 C Flutes, 1 Alto Flute, 1 Bass Flute & Piano

Sleigh Ride! (No, not that one} for Flute Quartet and Piano   1:15 minutes
Piccolo, 3 C Flutes & Piano

Suite For All Seasons   8:00 minutes
Last Frost
Spring Shows Her Colors
Summer Serenade
Prayer For Thanksgiving
Sleigh Ride!

Christmas Overture   6:00 minutes

Variations on a Pastoral Theme   6:00 minutes
(theme and five variations)

Sonata Jubilate   10:00 minutes
(in three movements)

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