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I hope you enjoy my website!  I’ve had a lot of fun and a little tech frustration making it.  My web designer suggested I upload videos of my music being performed.  But first I had to make the movies!  As I had never done this before, I tested my video camera and digital audio recorder while I played my new composition, In Her Majesty’s Garden,at my piano.  During this test, I successfully synced the audio to the video and was on my way to making videos for my site.  I would never have included this test video (note the bad hair, casual clean-out-the-garage clothes…) had it not been for my Scottish Terrier, McKellar, joining me in my performance.  His spontaneous entrance makes my heart melt, and I hope it does yours too!  You can see him at the 2:07 minute mark.

KIDS:  I had to learn a lot of new things to make this site happen, only proving you can teach an old dog new tricks!  I had never made videos before and spent several weeks trying to learn my movie-making software.  But I stuck with it and did it!  I feel soooo good that I was able to learn how to make simple movies featuring my music.  I also enjoyed using my photography in some of the videos and on my website.

I hope that when you’re studying your music lessons and practicing your instrument, you don’t get frustrated if you’re not learning as quickly as you think you should.  Learning any craft takes practice and patience, but if you stick with it, you will learn!  I always tell my students that when they were toddlers, they surely fell down many times before they learned to walk entirely on their own.  If you stick with your lessons and practice, practice, practice, you will soon master your craft and you’ll feel soooo good that you did!  I hope you enjoy listening to my music!


Check out kids playing my music!

Kids playing Kathleen Mayne's Music

“Summer Serenade” from Suite for All Seasons
performed by Jennifer Pope, 7th grade

Sleigh Ride! found this youtube link online – very sweet!

Sonata da chiesa in E minor
Student & Teacher duet – Jennifer Pope and Kathy Marsh

O Master, Let Me Walk With Thee
Jennifer Pope, flute, plays with church choir



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